of Data Acquisition

QuestMobile is the only third party data vendor in China who can provide both iOS and Android data.
Our mixed data pool has accumulated more than 700 million mobile devices. In each single day, several billion records are collected and pieced together.

Sample Coverage

QuestMobile覆盖数百个终端品牌、超过10万款不同型号设备终端; 覆盖31个省/600余城市; 完整覆盖全部运营商/WIFI联网方式,真实还原用户全部行为与流量。

Covered all mainstream mobile device brands and their whole product lines

Covered all telecom carriers and internet connections (2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi) to truly reflect all users’ behavior and mobile traffic

Samples included typical mobile users from all city tiers and kept the representativeness of the market

China’s largest mobile device sample pool with tens of millions iOS samples

Precise Growth Analysis

Geographical Distribution
of Users Covered