QuestMobile: Amusement Park Visitors Report

This week, QuestMobile would like to discuss a completely new subject: the profile of amusement park visitors. We studied the regional distribution, age structure, gender structure, etc. of people who visited top 4 amusement parks in first tier cities in Jul. 2017 and present them in our report.

Studied Population

Time: Jul. 2017
 Studied Population: people who visited following four amusement parks picked up from GPS and LBS data source such as WIFI probe.

Gender Structure of Amusement Park Visitors  

Age Structure of Amusement Park Visitors  

Comparing with all mobile internet users, visitors from 31 to 40 years old make up a larger proportion, reflecting certain market of family trip. Shanghai Disneyland Park is more attractive to young visitors, especially students, since there are more visitors below 24 years old.

Amusement Park Visitors Possess Strong Spending Power  

Amusement park tickets are generally more expensive than the tickets of tourist attractions, so amusement park visitors are usually financially successful. Over 60% of them have medium to high online spending power, implying high marketing value.