Over 160 data metrics that offer a comprehensive view of the market trend and competitive landscape.

  • TRUTH Professional presents a whole view of the industry and development trends of different segments and gives you a hand in making effective development strategy.
  • 24 catetories and 172 sub-categories help you have in-depth understanding of competitive products and develop feasible competitive strategy.
  • Monitoring of whole life cycle of apps covering download, installation, retention and uninstallation serves as a good helper for product operators.
  • Device brands distribution, app usage regional distribution, usage time interval and traffic distribution enable you to have multidimensional understanding of users and accurate evaluation of app's value.
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Real time daily data that reflects Apps performance in details

  • With the fastest data updating in the industry, TRUTH Flash provides you with core indicators of nearly 25,000 apps in first time.
  • Daily traffic variation enables you to know about the periodic characteristics of user behavior and their different behavior on work days and weekends.
  • Generation of monthly/quarterly apps growth list with one key gives you a hand in finding out the apps with the most growth potential and investment value.
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TRUTH-Mini Program

Offers an important piece of the puzzle of China’s mobile internet

  • All Mainstream Mini Programs: Tracking of all mainstream mini programs presents a complete picture of the industry and different market segments.
  • Insights Into Competing Programs: Display of the whole life cycle of mini programs in different market segments assists companies in making effective competitive strategy.
  • All-sided User Profile: User profile data covering their preferences, attributes, consumption characteristics, etc. support refined operation and marketing.
  • App/Mini Program: Study of overlapping users of app and mini program discovers the strategic positioning and operating mode of mini program.
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