Leading Research And Consultancy Firm in China Mobile Internet Market
Leveraging massive proprietary data resources and datamining capabilities, pooling talents of top notch universities, QuestMobile Research Institute is able to continuously provide the market with deep dive research results and consultancy services, in competition analysis, user behavior and profile study etc.
Data Insight

Data Insight

More than 300 data metrics that offer a comprehensive picture of companies’ performance.

Deep-dive Analysis

Deep-dive Analysis

Deep-dive analysis that reveals the real reason behind what the data shows.

Case-based Prediction

Case-based Prediction

Logical prediction of company/market developments based on historical data and cases.

Actionable Solutions

Actionable Solutions

Actionable solutions that are designed to solve specific problems.

Our Capabilities

  • Macro Market Study
  • Micro Company Study
  • User Behavior Study
  • Market Trends and Situation Study

    Total Addressable Market Size, Market GROWTH Projections

    User Base, User GROWTH Rate And Penetration Rate

    Market Demand Analysis

    Value Chain Analysis

    Critical Success Factors

  • Competition Analysis

    Market Participants and Market Share

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Major Players

    Prediction of Competition’s Developments

    Value Chain Analysis of Competitors

  • Media Value Research

    Traffic Value

    Brand Value

    User Value

  • IPO Report and Commercial Due Diligence

    GROWTH opportunity of the whole industry

    Future growth and commercial value of target company

    Future development strategy

    Risk prevention

  • Brand Diagnosis

    Brand Loyalty, Bargaining Power

    Brand Association, Brand Awareness

    Brand Reputation, User Experience

    Brand Diagnosis

  • Operation Analysis

    User Scale and Traffic Conversion Study

    User Stickiness and Activeness

    Overlapped Users and Their App Usage

    Lost and Regained users

    Competing Apps

  • Marketing Effect Evaluation

    Ad Campaign Effectiveness Evaluation

    Marketing Campaign Evaluation (Coverage of Target Population)

    Suggestions on Marketing Strategy (Based on Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation)

    Marketing Campaign Planning (Based on Target Population’s Profiles)

  • Media Strategy

    General Advertising Model and Data of Vertical Sectors

    Media Value Assessment and Target Media Proposals

    Media Advertising Effectiveness Evaluation and Suggestions on Media Choice Strategy

  • User Profile

    Interest Cluster Analysis

    Preference Cluster Analysis

  • U&A

    User Cognition, Evaluation and Attitude

    Understanding of Users’ Needs

    User Features/Habits (Media Habit, App/Device Usage Habit, etc.)

    Users Segmentation and Positioning of Target Market

  • User Experience

    User Experience NPS/Satisfaction Degree

    Competing App’s user Experience/NPS

    Customer Journey Map and Pain Spots Attribution

    User Satisfaction Degree Projection

Our Vision, Mission And Positioning


To be a trustworthy objective observer, opinion leader and future trend predictor of China Mobile Internet Market.



Empower Chinese Internet Companies and Investors with QuestMobile’s unique data and insightful research.



A top notch thinktank focusing on research and consulting with unmatchable proprietary data resources.